Landlord Information

Who Are We?


Anthony Trees First National is proud to be celebrating 40 years of service to the people of Eastwood and surrounding suburbs. We have been located in the main street of Eastwood since 1974, under the principal and licensee in charge, Anthony Jasprizza, who is still the principal today.


First National Real Estate is one of Australia's largest real estate groups. With offices Australia-wide our customers are in the unique position of working with a local real estate agent with local property knowledge, combined with the support and systems that a national network can provide.



Why Anthony Trees First National?


Our Property Management Department is a committed and well trained team of professionals.

Together we have over 20 years experience in the rental property market.


We believe that the return achieved from an investment property largely depends on the standard of service provided by the managing agent. At Anthony Trees First National, we pride ourselves on the level of professional and personal service we provide to all our landlords.


Whether you are overseas, live some distance from the property or even live around the corner, our Property Management Department's first priority is to look after you by taking the worry out of owning an investment property, leaving you free to enjoy the benefits.


We look forward to a long and successful business relationship and welcome your feedback at all times on our level of service.



Aspects of Property Management


The Property Management services set out in this document are:


1. Letting of Properties

2. Tenant Management

3. Property Maintenance

4. Property Inspections

5. Landlord's Insurance

6. Disbursements and Statements

7. Fees and Services










Our office understands that many investors rely on the weekly rent to meet mortgage commitments and every endeavour is taken to ensure that the vacancy period is kept to a minimum between tenancies.


Our marketing strategies target groups that are most suitable for your property so as to ensure that the best market exposure can be achieved.


The marketing strategies used by our office are as follows:

-         Australia's two most popular web sites - &

Additionally we use our own web sites - &

-         We have considerable walk-in enquiry and consequently we provide a list of vacant properties for the benefit of prospective tenants.

-         A list of properties is displayed in our office window. A considerable number of passers-by have the opportunity to see what properties are available to rent, day or night.

-         Provided we have permission to do so, we erect a 'For Lease' sign at the front of the rental property.

-         We maintain a detailed enquiry database of all rental enquiries into our office, and should we have a property become available, which may be suitable for a prospective tenant we contact them immediately.

-         We communicate with various businesses and organisations that require tenancies on an ongoing basis, for example relocation companies, hospitals, universities, training colleges and other corporate entities.


We do not hand out keys to prospective tenants for them to inspect the property unsupervised. We always accompany prospective tenants which gives the added benefit of being able to promote your property, provide tenancy information and help with any questions they may have.




Successful property management starts with the best possible tenant selection.

This critical area of property management is given an enormous amount of focus by our property management team. Our application and interview system is designed to ensure the best possible outcome in tenant selection by eliminating prospective tenants who have a poor record; who have inadequate financial means; or cannot satisfy us that they will behave to an acceptable standard.

We aim to obtain the best tenant for your investment property in the quickest possible time by paying meticulous attention to the following:


  • Employment confirmation checks (past and present)
  • Business checks for self employed tenants
  • Rental reference checks  (past and present) or if recently sold a check on the sale
  • Personal reference checks
  • A thorough positive Identification system based on a 100 points system check
  • Satisfaction that the tenant is “suitable” for the property


Once the tenant's suitability has been established, the owner of the property is contacted with our recommendation, to seek instructions on how to proceed with the leasing of their property.









A missing or badly drawn up lease can cause you lots of trouble and cost you money. We strive to ensure that all paperwork is completed thoroughly and within the law.


Once we have approved an application for tenancy, we ask the prospective tenant to pay a holding deposit to secure the property. We then prepare the Residential Tenancy Agreement including a thoroughly filled in Ingoing Condition Report and Bond Lodgment Form. We also include a list of special conditions in the lease agreement that is more specific to your individual property.


We will then photocopy the keys and remotes (if applicable) of the property and ask the tenant to sign for them on collection. This eliminates disputes over non-returned keys at the end of the tenancy. The tenants must also pay a bond equivalent to four weeks rent prior to assuming tenancy which is used for security when they vacate.




We understand that most of our landlords have recurring financial commitments to meet and rely upon the rent being on time. We have state of the art software that is programmed to print out any tenant that is in arrears. When rent is a few days overdue, our office will contact the tenant by phone, mail and/or email to remind them that payment has been missed. If the arrears have not been dealt with after 14 days we then consult with you to determine whether a Termination Notice is issued requiring the tenants to either pay the outstanding rent immediately or leave the property within a further 14 days. Tribunal action may be necessary in rare circumstances, and should this occur, we then make an application through the Consumer Trader & Tenancies Tribunal.




Tenants will commence on a fixed term lease usually 6 or 12 months. Approximately 2 months prior to the end of the lease we will contact you and ask for your instructions regarding renewal or termination. With each lease renewal we will conduct a rent review. After we receive your instructions, we will then contact the tenant and negotiate with them.




Prior to tenants taking possession of the property we will complete a comprehensive Condition Report. A copy of this report is then given to the tenant who is then required to check this list, add their own comments and return to our office within 7 days. This report is then used as a basis to compare the property upon termination of the tenancy




When either the tenant or ourselves terminates the tenancy, it is imperative that the property be left in the same condition (but with regard to normal wear-and-tear) as when the tenancy started. As soon as the tenant has vacated and handed over the keys, a thorough inspection is conducted to ensure that:

-         the property is clean an in no way damaged;

-         the inventory items are in good condition and working order;

-         gardens (if applicable) are in good order and all rubbish is removed;


The bond which is a minimum of four weeks rent is not released until we are satisfied that all matters raised in the inspection are dealt with as well as any outstanding rental monies have been paid. In the unlikely event there is any dispute, then on your behalf we either pursue the matter through Landlords Insurance (if available) or deal with it through the Tribunal.



Maintenance is a necessity with any investment property. The neglect of minor repairs could lead to major (and more costly) repairs at a later date. At its worst, poor maintenance can cause a good tenant to vacate. Our maintenance program will ensure that problems are rectified quickly and at a competitive price.


Maintenance requirements are generally brought to our attention through property inspections or notified by tenants. We will always contact you first and carry out maintenance in accordance with your instructions.


We maintain relationships with tradespeople who have worked with our office for some time. These are trades people who we know to be reliable and trustworthy, and whom we know will charge sensible prices. We require all trades people to be licensed and have public liability cover.


Alternatively, if you wish to nominate your own tradespeople, we would be happy to deal with them instead, provided they are licensed and have public liability.




Thorough inspections of your property are made periodically to ensure that the tenant is meeting expectations. Our first inspection is conducted approximately 8-12 weeks into the tenancy and then approximately every 6 months.


When an inspection has taken place a written report is sent to the landlord. In addition to noting the condition of your property and how the tenant is maintaining it, we will also note any current or upcoming maintenance or safety issues.


As part of our commitment to maximise the net return and the capital growth of your property we also advise you on whether the any inventory items are looking tired or worn and in need of upgrade or replacement.




We thoroughly recommend that all Landlords have Landlord Protection Insurance. In spite of the rigorous procedures we have in place it remains possible that a tenant can go 'bad' due to unforeseen circumstances such as loss of employment, redundancy or relationship break-ups. These problems put a strain on tenant's finances, which in turn means a strain is also put on owner's finances. This is why Landlord's Insurance is a sensible security measure to manage this risk. It covers loss of rental income, malicious and accidental damage, public liability and cover for fixtures and fittings.




Disbursements to your bank account are made at the end of each month. Landlord statements detailing income and expenses are issued monthly and can be emailed. We also attach original copies of all accounts that we have paid on your behalf.


While many landlords prefer to pay their own accounts, we are happy to pay accounts on your behalf such as Water Rates, Council Rates and Strata Levies at no extra charge.


At the end of each financial year, we provide you with a Financial Statement which sets out a summary of income and expenses for taxation purposes. This is also done at no extra charge.







Management Fee                                                      6.6%

      - On rent collected                                                          


Office Expenses                                                        $3.30 per statement


(Administration costs, postage, phone calls,

cheques, statements, etc)


Letting Fees

      - Upon effecting first rental letting                     1 weeks rent + gst (for any lease term)

      - Any subsequent re-letting                                 1/2 weeks rent + gst


Marketing & Advertising                                        $55.00 when advertised


      - Rental List        

      - Sign board       

      - Window Display

- Internet Advertising -  










Lease Agreement Preparation Fee                          $33.00


Attendance at Tenancy Tribunal                            $88.00 per hour


Applying for a Tribunal Order                               At cost (currently $38.00)


Additional Services at No Cost


- Payment of accounts such as Water, Council and Strata

- Collection of water usage from the tenant (if applicable)

- Periodic Inspections conducted approximately every 6 months

- Organisation and supervision of repairs and maintenance

- Organisation and supervision of urgent repairs and maintenance

- Arrangement of refurbishment and improvements

- Negotiation of lease renewals and rent increase

- Preparation of a tribunal case





The points described here are the key services that we provide for you. We hope that it has provided sufficient information to illustrate the advantages of using a full time and experienced property management team to manage your property.


We are totally committed to looking after your property and that we attend to your concerns immediately as they arise. We look forward to being of service to you now and in the future.